lunedì, settembre 21, 2009


I am really happy to have the possibility with this post to introduce you to the fantastic world of Kindergallery, an art gallery for children, based in Sydney and with a second home in Berlin! This post as you see is particular: I write it here in English and you will find the Italian version on Mercatino dei Piccoli, a great blog I started to collaborate with.
I highly recommend to visit the on-line gallery that Fiona decided to set up as she become a mum. In this magic place you will find an interesting selection of evocative paints, colourful prints, funny mobiles and handcrafted objects. I also really appreciate how Kindergallery approaches their young visitors:
"You may not be at art school. Maybe you have not even started school yet. But, even if you cannot walk or talk, when it comes to art, you know what you like."
Moreover Fiona, the curator and owner of kindergallery, loves Berlin (as I do!) and when she stays there with her family she enjoys the city and meet up with artists from all over the world. Her favourites end up in Kindergalley.
Akari from Mercatino dei Piccoli managed a free shipping for the orders that our readers will make in he month of October(*) , so thanks Fiona for the great curator job with Kindergallery and thanks Akari for arranging this great offer for all of us!

From top to bottom:
Walking in the Rain
- Ida Pearle,
Owl with Flora - Petit Collage,
The World Needs Her Green - Superoboturbo.

(*) You will need to put "mercatinodeipiccoli" in the Additional Information section of our order form to get free postage on you order.

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  1. Beautiful piants! thank you for this post! :) Smile

  2. A great tip! Thanks a lot. Another reason to plan a trip to Berlin... and to Sidney (!). You never know :)

    PS Mercatino dei Piccoli's link is uncorrectly entered :)

  3. You are both welcome! It is a great pleasure to advice about such nice projects.
    ...And do not forget the free-postage during the month of October!